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Our studio offers a bespoke service to create the perfect custom hat or headpiece that will beautifully match your dress or outfit. We work with a variety of materials, such as straw, felt, and leather and we can colour-match to ensure the perfect match to your ensemble.

Why bespoke? 

The main reason is simply that you will never turn up to an event where the same person is wearing the same headpiece. When you work with a milliner to create a bespoke piece, you are guaranteed to receive something that is exclusive to you and your personal style. 

A bespoke headpiece is made in a way that a mass produced hat will never be.  There are some beautiful pieces available but they are often mass produced and often (not always) held together with glue.  When you buy bespoke you’re getting something hand crafted to suit your outfit, your hairstyle, face shape, colour scheme etc.  Every detail of the occasion will be considered and it’s this that makes it so special.  It’s made entirely to be worn by you and only you.

How to commission a bespoke piece

There are two ways to create your beautiful bespoke headpiece. 


Option One

 Take a look at the current collection and commission your design based on one of the beautiful pieces. Make it your own by changing the colours and trimmings. The price will be roughly the same, depending on additional materials and trimmings. If you are not local to North Yorkshire, I can send you colour swatches by post and keep you updated with emailed photographs. Your completed hat will then be posted to you with full instructions on the correct way to wear and  care for your headpiece. 

Option Two

This can be done either in person or on zoom. We will discuss colours and materials, shapes and the requirements you have a for a headpiece. I will keep you up to date with photographs of progress along the way and make changes as required. As a guide, six weeks is required to design and  make your headpiece- this may extend if design changes are made during the process and will be charged accordingly. I may be able to produce a hat sooner than this but there may be additional charges due to express postage of materials etc. 

How much will a fully bespoke piece cost? 

Bridal pieces and accessories start at £100

Fascinators and small/medium headpieces start at £120 up to £200 depending on materials

Brimmed hats and large saucers start at £150 

Alterations to existing headpieces (including remoulding the hat) prices start at £120

Repairs and cleaning (reattaching pieces, replacing elastic, clips, hairbands) from £20 

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