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Latest news from hat HQ

Craft Fair!

11th July 2022

Wow! What a busy few weeks it has been! I have been working very hard and finishing all of those projects that hadn't quite made it to the finishing table. I took part in Hartlepool's Waterfront Festival exhibiting my wares in the Independent Maker's Market- my very first craft fair! Honestly, I wasn't expecting to do much with it being my first fair and all but I did sell a couple of pieces! It was lovely talking to people (hi if it was you!) and hearing what people were liking- I got a lot of positive feedback. 
This week I am taking a trip away for the weekend and finally get to enjoy some of this glorious weather we have been having. I haven't had much chance to enjoy it as I have spent all of my free time frantically sewing linings into hats. 
Despite the lovely weather I have started thinking about my Autumn/Winter 23 collection. I have been looking at some beautiful leathers, felts, tweeds and fabrics. Stay tuned!

Still learning!

30th May 2022

Happy Monday everyone! 
This week I am still navigating this website stuff, Facebook business and Instagram. I have managed to set up all three and I am about to do some training on using Instagram to my advantage!
I've had a fair amount of time to make some new creations this week- I need to get them photographed and uploaded to the shop. 
I have mainly been working with a new material this week- buntal. It is a straw made from palm leaves that grow in the Philippines. It is dyed fabulous colours and woven into circular 'mats', which are nearly 80cm wide. I have really enjoyed working with this material and hope you will enjoy the results too!

I've done it!

May 21st 2022

I have finally done it! I have got myself a lovely shiny new website! I must admit, I have found it a little difficult as IT is not my strongest skill! Thankfully I have managed to make a functioning website and shop which hopefully you find lovely and delightful but most importantly- easy to use! 
This week I have mainly been focusing on website building. I have also been indulging my other passion- photography. I have really enjoyed taking pictures of my work- it has allowed me to see my work in greater detail and from different perspectives.

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